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      作者:彭韜    日期:2019-09-18    瀏覽量:6426


          On September 18th, 2019, English teacher Mrs. Zuo was invited by FLTRP to present a very fantastic and professional picture books reading class in Jinyang Shanxi which is for the lower grade of primary school and praised by all the experts and teaching staffs at present.

           本次展示課中,左思潤教師選擇來自《多維閱讀》第2級的繪本———Go, Mouse。整個課堂輕松活潑,左思潤教師設計了精彩的場景、采用了豐富的道具,讓學生們在愉悅的氛圍中觀察圖片、拓展思維,最后實現語言輸出。

          Go, Mouse, from level 2, is presented by Mrs. Zuo this time. During the whole class, the wonderful situation design and diversified property attract all the students and make them observe the pictures, expand thinking and output language with a joyful atmosphere.


          Zhang Yalin, Primary English researcher from Beijing Xicheng district Education Research Institute, makes a comprehensive comment on Mrs. Zuo’s class and thinks highly of it.


          With full success, Mrs. Zuo shows the competence of English group. Meanwhile, both sides have an in-depth exploration and benefit a lot.